Foggy Mornings

20. Artist. Capricorn. Slovak. Equestrian. Ranch hand.
I am a creative writing, film and fine arts student. I am passionate about academics, philosophical art, and quality fine art.
I am a breathing oxymoron, my soul is the essence of freedom, my dreams are unbound by words.

The Power of Wind: A Global Catalyst for Change

Wind has been with us since the very first steps that Homo sapiens have ever taken, and earlier. It has shaped our land, brought leaves down from trees signalling the changing of seasons, has flowered plants and driven the endless belts of weather patterns. In almost all human beliefs of the past, wind has played an important role, and has even been personified as a deity, or spiritual symbol. In today’s post-modern world, humans are becoming ever dependent on energy fuelled mostly by non-renewable resources which pollute our global commons and erode the morale of every society and youth alike. As science and technology advance, so do our personal philosophies and consciousness. By being able to devise ways of using a force as great as the wind, one our ancestors would have never dreamed of being able to harness, we are finding solutions to our resource dependency. In Canada, we have an amazing chance to seize this opportunity and lower the amount of pollutants released, and non-renewable resources used. By using wind energy in Canada to increase the amount of renewable energy used, we are not only creating a mindful and more positive public, but we are becoming a nation who values its amazing resources and natural treasures. This action alone can create a renewable resource race, inspiring other nations to invest in this type of clean energy. Not only will the inclusion of wind power create a mindful public, but it will allow Canada to become one of the role-models of a cleaner future. Let’s celebrate our harnessing of wind not only for the good of our next generation, but for the good of our planet which has nurtured us to get us to where we are.

-Eva Pekarova

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